Friday, June 5, 2009

Talk About An IDIOT.....

Does anyone....

A) Have a clue as what the fuck this moron is even talking about

B) Think this moron must've somehow FAILED the subject of MATH (Especially the part that relates to measuring weight)

Or is it all just me & my imagination?

Thursday, June 4, 2009

The EXPOSED Secret Ingredients Behind KFC’s Grilled Chicken (The Ones KFC DOES NOT Want You To See Nor Hear About)

We’ve all seen the bucket, right?  Well now it’s time we see & hear about THE INGREDIENTS that make up KFC’s new Grilled Chicken & the 11 herbs & spices which are claimed to be used, but are apparently so secret that the entire recipe is protected from copycats.

Well now, thanks to my newly found friend over at Underground Wellness, WE ARE ABOUT TO EXPOSE THAT…..

Don't believe him? Check out the ingredients (Adobe Acrobat Reader File) & see for yourself.

Add to that the Nutrition Information & it's just all the more UNBELIEVABLE that KFC has the AUDACITY to call what they are serving up to be actually "nutritious" & worthy of eating.

As a Lap Band recipeint, I can tell you that BOTH of my surgeon's in-house nutritionalists would CRINGE at THE MERE THOUGHT of me trying some of this chicken.

Next time I get an irresistable craving for chicken, SOMEONE out there PLEASE talk me into going SOMEPLACE ELSE - Like Church's Chicken perhaps?

I say this because it's a SCARY thought to imagine that the words that make up those infamous 11 herbs & spices might actually consist of ELEVEN SYLLABLES in each of them in order to prounounce them.