Friday, May 16, 2008

Online Via Library Only For Awhile (And First Fill Nerves)

As I suspected for a long time now, issues stemming from my surgery which were NOT in any way directly related caused me to lose my Internet access with Qwest (So much for bundling my Internet with cable or, in this case, satellite anymore. Don't even get me started on that! You really don't wanna see me go there).

In any case, I did go in for my first fill. Suffice to say, those of you who said that it wouldn't hurt were right. In addition, they didn't need to do an ultrasound just to find the hole. All Dr. Metz' assistant did was lay me down on the table (I wish they'd use REAL BEDS in those rooms, don't you?) with a pillow under my back. She then had me inhale and then exhale as she put the needle in. After that, she put in the saline.

After that was done, she had me sit up and drink some of my Aquafina to see if it would go down (Afterall if you can't hold filtered water down, what can you hold down?). After some adjustments were made, she then reminded me of the post-fill diet I have to have every time as well as some other nutritional stuff (No she wasn't one of the nutritionalists at CBSI) and then had me make an appointment for my next fill, which will be next month (June 5).

I wanted to do a video of my weigh-in during my first fill, but my cam would only take pictures. If I had thought of it, I'd have snapped a picture and settled for that. But I did do an audio podcast and when I get the chance next week, I'll upload it (I can't upload audio or video from the neighborhood library branch I'm at now, but I can do it from the main library Downtown as long as the file is on a removable storage device such as my iRiver, which I intend to use if it'll let me export video).

Anyway, I anticipate being offline with my PC until at least September HOWEVER I think this will present me with a good opportunity to get a MySpace prescence for my weight loss blog so I can do some real time blogging with my phone (I don't have a Windows-based handset though I'll be sure that the next phone I get will be EVEN IF I have to switch carriers).

Anyway, that's all the news from here. I will get the audio podcast posted and retro-dated next week if at all possible.


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