Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The ULTIMATE Weapon For The Average Grocery Inflation Fighter & Weight Loser

Just when all hope of economical stimulation seemed to be lost along comes the ULTIMATE weapon against inflation in big chain grocery stores.

I heard about this chain while watching this segment in last night's ABC News Nightline newscast. 

This story reminded me of a low-cost, no-frills chain that's just up the street from where I live (I can't think of the name offhand, but I know it's not the one featured in last night's segment).

Now aside from the political & economical "advantages" as it were (Which you can see in this post (Permalink URL) on my political blog), there are MANY advantages for those of us who are trying to lose weight as well.

First & foremost, it's a low-cost, no-frills grocery chain.  This means MORE $$$ IN YOUR POCKET TO $$$PEND ON WEIGHT LOSS ITEMS.

Secondly, you don't pay for ammenities such as a Deli, a Pharmacy, a Bakery Department, a Floral Department or a specialized Meat Department.  EVERYTHING like that is all pre-packaged WYSIWYG stuff (Except the Pharmacy as that doesn't exist beyond the OTC stuff).

The whole segment reminded me of the way the big grocery store chains operated back in the early to mid-1970s.  Simple & basic.  None of the fancy-schmancy fluff you see in grocery stores nowadays.  In fact, it looks to be more like the membership warehouses (Of which I will provide links to) than anything.

The only difference is the chain, unlike the big membership warehouses, don't sell their items in bulk nor did the article mention anything about them selling stuff in wholesale rather than retail either (Though I could be wrong on that and quite possibly everything else I've said about them so far and therefore will stand most humbly stand corrected if I did in fact make any errors).

I think it's pretty safe to say that if any of the big chains were to operate the way the chain featured in the aforementioned article does, they'd be out of business (Better yet, I think it's even safer to say that the big chains WOULD NOT EVEN **KNOW HOW** to operate like the chain featured in the article does without going out of business).

Well anyway, I just wanted to pass this lil tidbit of info. on to you, my faithful & loyal subscribers, readers, followers, etc. :)


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