Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Made it to my appointment today. I knew I had lost weight (At least two pant sizes) but just look at where I was this time last month BEFORE the surgery and then take a good look at where I am now...

MARCH 1st (Just before I began my clear liquid diet in preparation for surgery....

And this is where I stand AS OF TODAY

As you can see, I passed for 19 yards and got a first down. :D

I am SO happy.

And to think my certified trainer of a brother doesn't think lap bands work!! YO BRO - I AM LIVING PROOF!! (Sorry...Just had to toot my horn and do a little sibling bragging :) *LOL!*).

I went from 311 lbs. down to 277 lbs.

As for my dieting, Wendy (One of the nutritionalists at CBSI) said to keep up what I've been doing HOWEVER I also need to do these things as well....


* Add a teaspoon of ADDITIONAL Nonfat Dry Milk to my cereal (Especially cold cereals) to completely soften it up.

* Get some EAS Protein Powder from WalMart (My Mom has found some at Walgreens)

* Take my DAILY multivitamins (I admit I need to work on this)

* Take Calcium Citrate (1200 mg a day - Something I plan to do once I get the M-O-N-E-Y to do so)

* Drink more water every day (It's hard to do so when it's like BARELY 50 degrees outside)

* Make sure I add a good protein food to each meal (I had shredded cheese to a bowl of macaroni salad and spinach leaves that I had for lunch after my appointment today).

As for returning to normal foods, Wendy also said to SLOWLY integrate them back into my diet pretty much just as I have been with the soft foods diet - Figure out which foods I can eat and handle without any problems and eliminate those I really struggle with.

Beyond that, not much else to add. My next appointment is with this other nutritionalist who works out of Rose Medical Center (I believe that appointment is on Friday). I'll keep you posted as to how that appointment turns out.

Till next time....

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