Monday, March 31, 2008

One Week Till Normal Foods

Well as I type this, it is now just over 12 hours (At least I hope, more on that in a moment) till my first post-op appointment with Dr. Metz (My surgeon at the Colorado Bariatric Surgery Institute who performed my surgery). It is here where I'll see just how much weight I've lost in just one month.

The reason I say this could be threatened is because in my zeal to get caught up on my cell phone bill (Which I had to have in order to call the RTD access-a-Ride ParaTransit service I use) and pay for other things I ordered last month (Including a refundable $50.00 deposit for another nutritionalist out of Rose Medical Center & an ID watch dog service), I overspent myself and went WAY....WAY into overdraft. This could cause my bank to take away my first Social Security check (I get both SSI & SSDI) and maybe a small part of my second check to cover bank fees (My mom thinks my check would be safer at her tiny credit union, but what she doesn't realize is that ANY financial institution charges fees for things and her tiny credit union is no different).

Anyway, if the bank DOES take away the check, I'll be stuck in a bind unless I can somehow meet my mom at her credit union when she withdraws her money so she can lend me a few dollars to cover me till the 3rd of the month or until my state rent rebate check is deposited into my account (But that's not expected until April 15th). This could cause me to reschedule this appointment, which has already been rescheduled once as it was originally scheduled for March 17th.

If I do make it to my appointment tomorrow, I'll be sure to jot down my Height, Weight & current BMI so I can execute my next offensive play before I get a Delay Of Game penalty. :)

Till tomorrow.....

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