Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Tried Some Tuna Fish Tonight For Dinner.......

.....And paid the price for doing so as I barfed it up in two or three globs. I wasn't even eating all that fast either. In fact, I was eating right about where I should be for a soft foods diet.

I thought (Just as my mom did) I could eat tuna fish on a soft foods diet, but obviously not. That leads me to this (Forgive me if this sounds like a rant as it's really not)

Sometimes I have to keep reminding my mom (Who has been so generous and so helpful to me this month) that I may have had a lap band, I still have a certain body part she doesn't that affects the types of foods she can eat. As such, they are two completely different procedures which force us to be on somewhat similar diets (Keywords being somewhat similar).

She also thinks I'm gonna be eating the same kinds of foods she does for the rest of my life (Heck, she even offered to cook dinners for me since I started the soft foods diet). I have to keep reminding her that I'll be able to eat normal foods once again. The only thing is that the selection will just be more nutritiously healthier and in smaller portions. She doesn't have this going for her.

Now don't get me wrong, I love Mom's cooking and again, she's been SUPERB in helping me get through this past month. But I just don't wanna depend on her every friggin' day. I wanna be able to eat my meals just as I did before the surgery, only with foods I'm allowed to eat and in the portions I'm allowed to eat them in.

And yes of course, the manner in which I'm allowed to eat them in too (My mom asked if I wanted a glass of water as I sat at the table waiting to determine whether the Tuna Fish was gonna go down or come right back up. I had to remind her I couldn't drink anything while eating and vice versa).

Anyway....That's all the news that's fit to post for now.


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