Friday, March 21, 2008

MILESTONE - 2 Weeks Post-Op!

Don't let the posting date of the last video fool you (Look at the date in the video itself). But in any case, I have reached a milestone as of yesterday.

I am now two weeks post-op. That means I can now eat soft foods (Not solids just yet).

But lemme tell you, I'd be lying to you if I said these last two weeks were a breeze. They weren't exactly excruciating either. But they have led to the beginning of things I'm just gonna get used to
though. For instance, the amount of food I eat.

Here's a classic example of what I mean....

Just last week there was a stretch where I was eating MORE THAN ONE helping of food at
lunch and/or dinner AT ONCE. Only thing is my mom (Who's been preparing my meals since she's used to doing it for herself and she did it for my dad when he was alive) NEVER TOLD
ME it was supposed to cover more than one meal.

As such, I was left wondering if my lap band had slipped because of the amount of pureed food I was taking in as a result.

Well I think that question was put to rest last night while I was eating dinner. The reason was I got to eating WAY too fast and things started backing up in the digestive system. I sat there for about five minutes wondering if I was gonna wind up puking some of my dinner up or it was
gonna go down without incident.

Suffice to say that it went down (Albeit SLOWLY!) and I was able to slowly resume eating.

Anyhow, I just started on my new soft foods diet today although I'm still eating stuff from my pre-op diet as well.

Unless my calender is off, I'll be on the soft foods until April 5th at which point I'll be able to eat normal foods (Only in smaller portions than before the surgery) until just before my first lap band restriction when I'll likely have to go back to a pureed diet for a day or two later next month.

Then THE REAL work begins - THE EXCERCISING!!!!

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