Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Episode 09 - Simple Meals For Bariatric Dummies - Part One - LUNCH (Sub-Part One - Toasted Melted Cheese Sandwich)

FEATURED Toasted Melted Cheese Sandwich.

* 4 Slices Of DOUBLE FIBER Wheat Bread
2 Slices Of Cheese

* Place 2 of the 4 slices of bread into a toaster (If you have a 4-slice toaster, you may place all 4 slices in the toaster)

* Once bread is toasted, place bread on microwave safe plate & place cheese on top DO NOT PLACE THE OTHER TWO SLICES OF TOAST ON TOP (Doing so will impede the melting process)

Place plate with toast & cheese on top in microwave & microwave on HIGH for 2 minutes or until cheese is melted

Once the cheese is melted, place the other two slices of toast on top & ENJOY!!

Makes 2 sandwiches

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