Monday, March 2, 2009

We Welcome Some New Friends To The AMWLWT Family

Our list of like-minded weight loss bloggers is growing as we welcome our friends from & Geneve from Geneve's Kitchen

Here are sample videos from each site.  You will find permalinks to the actual recipe below so you can go to each site & print out each recipe for yourself.

First, a little Taco Soup, courtesy of our friends from

You can find this recipe on the site here for printing. But now you're gonna wanna have some Tortilla Chips to go with that soup. But unless you want or like to put them in the soup like crackers, you're gonna want some Guacamole Dip. Here's a GREAT looking recipe, courtesy of our new friend Geneve from Geneve's Kitchen (BEWARE - VIDEO EMBEDDED!!)

Does that look good OR WHAT?!?!?

You can print that recipe from the same page on Geneve's site

So that about wraps it up this time around.  Lemme know what you think.

Laters :)

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